The wine that is in your fridge is beginning to consume a bit more space than you’d like, causing you to decide whether you should store your wine or a container of milk. At this particular juncture, you realise that probably it’s about time to give the wine its own place, and this thought of yours, brings you in the market for purchasing a wine fridge. Nonetheless, purchasing one can be an intimidating task, so here are some handy tips, which will help you to make a purchase decision concerning a wine fridge.

Compact/small wine fridges break down into main two types as follows:

  • Fridge with a compressor like a normal refrigerator.
  • “Silent” fridge that is thermoelectric.

Thermoelectric Refrigerator & Compressor Refrigerator (like Normal Fridge)

The fridges that use a thermoelectric system are often considered as better because they’re silent. Certainly, look into purchasing one of these units if silence is precious to you, however, thermoelectric units don’t actually bring cool air into the unit as much as they extract heat out of the unit. After the heat has been extracted, the fridge only helps keep the cooler air that has been separated from the hotter air within.

On the other hand, compressor units operate similarly to a mini fridge. When the thermostat inside senses the temperature has increased above the set degree, the compressor immediately starts and cools off the whole unit back. Although the humming sound of the compressor may be a bit louder than the thermoelectric units, they work much better at keeping the bottles cool.

Solo & Twin Temperature Control Zones

Well, after determining the type of wine fridge to purchase, it’s time to determine if you would buy a fridge with solo or twin temperature control zones. Buying a fridge with twin zones, theoretically, it means you will be able to have two separate temperature levels inside the fridge, thus, preserving your red wines and white wines at their separate temperatures. Nevertheless, if you are in the market for buying a fridge that can hold, below 50 bottles, then this notion of two really different zones does not actually exist in reality.

As the fridge is so compact and small, it’s quite tough to make certain that the bottom remains colder and the top a bit warmer, or vice versa. Therefore, it is not prudent to waste your hard earned money on the notion that for this size you will be able to preserve your wines at separate temperature, instead, buy a single zone fridge and set it at 16° C, which is fine for both your red and white wines.

Last but not least, bear in mind that bottle capacity of a fridge is normally based on the standard “Bordeaux” style bottle, thus, if you are not able to store precisely 50 bottles inside the unit, it is perhaps only because your bottles are different sizes, which blocks them from flawlessly fitting together.

Option of Self Storage

In case, your home does not have the required space to accommodate the extra wine fridge, you certainly don’t have to worry because these days there are established and reputed wine storage companieswherein you can store your precious wine collection at a fee and you also get the flexibility to upsize or downsize your wine storage as per your changing requirements.