The sun shimmers in the water and glistens off the combination of glass and titanium which sits in the Cachapoal Valley. It is no wonder this area is called Millahue or “Place of Gold”. At the epicentre is the Vina Vik winery, hotel and spa.


Vina Vik Winery

Vina Vik has a goal to produce the best wines in the world. In order to achieve this goal both the winery and the hotel are designed to follow Aristotle’s theory of holism. Holism is the belief that all parts of the whole are closely connected to each other and you cannot understand one part without understanding all the parts.

The winery gives the following explanation:

Holism is the perfect combination of man and nature expressed as ONE. At VIK, science, technology and knowledge are our foundation, passion is our engine, and wine is our artistic expression.

All of our synergies focus on the whole, with a special sensitivity to the environment that creates a great wine, the best wine our magnificent terroir can provide.

Our holistic wine is the result of the magnificent dynamic terroir together with viticultural and vinicultural best practices, excellence in environmental stewardship, development of human and social capital as well as architecture and the arts.


Holistic Wine

This theory also trickles down into the winery’s bottles. They have never produced single-varietal wines. Their expertise is in producing one wine annually using a mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Merlot and Carmenere to come up with a blend that is perfection and proving their understanding of holism and how these varietals interconnect with the terroir and each other.

The zen areas covered in rocks and water are beautiful and meant to relax visitors, but also serve the purpose of cooling the 10,000 barrel chamber below. All aspects of the architecture are meant to be in harmony with the beauty of the natural world surrounding this awe-inspiring place.

Whether you go for the day to participate in a wine tasting, tour or many of the other outdoors activities; you are definitely in for a breath-taking treat, but is the stay worth almost $1,000 /night and the wine worth $150 /bottle? Well the decision is yours watch this episode of the Wine Show for a more in depth look.

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