January is a rather depressing month and no, it’s not because it’s winter and it’s cold, nor is it because we’re all broke from the holidays– it’s because many of us have decided to participate in “Dry January.”


Wait – What’s Dry January?

Dry January or “The Dry January Challenge” is a personal challenge where one gives up drinking for the entire month of January. It originated in the United Kingdom and eventually gained popularity across the globe. It’s said to have health and financial benefits, but also its downsides like, you know, not being able to drink.


The Dry January Effect – What is the purpose of Dry January?

Why do people give up alcohol in January? Of course, there has to be a good reason, because no sane person would give up willingly just give up wine.

Dry January has supposed health benefits, like sleeping better, weight loss, feeling more energized and active. It also has some other benefits like saving you some cash that you would other wise be spending on booze.


Grape juice not cutting it?

Try out these Non-Alcoholic Wines to Get You Through Dry January


No matter what stage you are in Dry January, just know it’s okay, you got this. Like we said, Dry January can be a little depressing. Drinking juice in a wine glass is enough to cause anyone some stress. So to lighten the mood a bit, we’ve compiled a list of Dry January memes that are so painfully relatable, you’ll have to laugh.


9 Struggles Everyone Doing Dry January Knows All Too Well


When someones asks you how your Dry January is going…

I don’t want to talk about it.

When Someone Asks How Dry January Is Going Kid Crying


We think this Dry January meme is a pretty accurate depiction of how the month is going

Dry January Meme


When Dry January has caused you to become increasingly irritable due to your wine withdrawals


When you start contemplating whether the health benefits of Dry January are even worth sacrificing wine

Olivia Pope Wine


When it starts to feel like Dry January will never end. Will I ever drink wine again?


When you start to look for any excuse to break your Dry January Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.52.18 AM


Trying to convince yourself that Dry January doesn’t actually work.

Well, you would know, if you actually completed it.

Dry January Meme


And eventually, you just start looking for Dry January loopholes

I can cook with wine during Dry January, right? I’m not actually drinking it…

Cooking with Wine gif


When you have a Dry January “slip-up”

It’s okay, we’ll try again…


When you’ve finally reached the end of Dry January.


Don’t worry, you’ve got this! Just remember, your next drink will probably get you drunk before you finish it. This way, you can save money even after Dry January is over by being a total lightweight!

Happy Dry January!