Whether you’re cooling off on a patio somewhere or celebrating a special occasion, a Prosecco cocktail can never go wrong!

What goes well with Prosecco?

Sparkling wines, like Prosecco, are great for creating delicious wine cocktail combinations. Usually, these cocktails are made combining prosecco and different fruit juices and fresh or frozen fruits.


What fruit do you put in Prosecco?

Berries and tropical fruits such as pineapple, peaches, oranges, and watermelon are guaranteed to make your prosecco pop! But when it comes to creating prosecco cocktails, you’re really your own mixologist!


The combination of the bubbly and other sweet flavours is tough to pass up, so we’ve compiled a list of 8 Prosecco recipes to check out before your next party (big or small)! Don’t be afraid to add your own twist to these delicious wine cocktail recipes!


Gin & Fizz Prosecco Cocktail

The perfect combination of gin and Prosecco, the Gin & Fizz Cocktail can be enjoyed as a refreshing afternoon spritz or the Kickstarter to a night out.



Prosecco & Grapefruit Cocktail

One of the most aesthetically pleasing Prosecco recipes on the list, this grapefruit infused cocktail is a perfect choice for brunch, spring weddings or bridal shower.



Limoncello Prosecco with Blueberries and Thyme

A little lemon, a little blueberry, a little thyme – where else are you going to find the perfect celebratory Prosecco cocktail quite like this?

limoncello prosecco


One For the Money Cocktail

With this Prosecco recipe, you’re better off preparing it the day before to allow the ingredients to settle together. With refreshing fizz and a pop of zest, this cocktail makes a great aperitif!



Prosecco Margarita

A fun twist on a quintessential summer cocktail, this Prosecco margarita recipe is the blend of sweet and tart, perfect for while you lean back and relax.



Elderflower Bellini

If you want to show off the next time you’re hosting a get together at your place, allow the Elderflower Bellini recipe to be your Prosecco cocktail of choice. One part classy (this isn’t high school anymore) and another part celebratory (you hosted a great party, obviously), this is the recipe to fall back on.


Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

The name is self-explanatory as to while you’ll enjoy this drink, perfect for the last dregs of summer or while you enjoy a little self-care in the afternoon. A Prosecco cocktail with raspberry and peach is a no-brainer.



Disaronno Shimmer

This is your nightcap to an evening. The Disaronno and Prosecco form the ideal late-night cocktail, one part sparkling wine and another part smooth.


Don’t just stop at prosecco! Try out these delicious wine cocktails made with rosé, moscato and more!

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