All wine lovers wish that one day they could build themselves a multi-functional (and stacked to the ceiling) wine cellar in the basement of their home. Some of the architectural design put into these cellars is unbelievably detailed and intricate, and it’s something of a passion of our to stare at beautiful wine cellars for hours. Especially me, as a bit of a self-described organizational (and wine-obsessed) freak.


Luxury Wine Cellars Across the World We Wish Were Ours


Clean, Simple and Stacked With Wine to the Ceiling

Tucked away inside a San Francisco home from the 1960s, this wine cellar is constructed with stainless steel and lucite in order to house and collect wine. There’s something clean and classic about this design, but is there also a touch of “American Psycho“? You be the judge.



Cool & Cozy Brick Wine Cellar

The sectional couch and wooden table are nice touches for adding an element of comfort to this space. I envision this wine cellar being in the basement of a modern yet classic farmhouse somewhere in the Welsh countryside – just my thought though.



Sleek, Climatized Wine Cellar for Minimalist Home

The curvature of the glass, how it’s built into the wall with climate control settings and just simply it blends into the house are the big reasons we love this custom wine cellar.



The James Bond-esque Trap Door Wine Cellar

When space is at a premium (and cost is no concern), building a custom, glass trapdoor wine cellar is definitely a luxurious way of making room for your wine collection. Is this wine cellar in super-villain territory?



Nostalgic Wine Cellar with Wooden Details

When picturing a classic wine cellar, this might be what you envision. The wooden fixtures and stone walls seem to perfectly encapsulate what a traditional wine cellar would feel like, and the table/chairs are the ideal place for entertaining.




Modern Take on Classic Space

Located on the Westside of New York, the wine cellar of this $37 million dollar (and 11,000 square foot) home is a sight to behold. This features a custom climate control system, back-lit LED walls and classic brick walls and arched ceilings to tie the room together.

Image source: Forbes

Image source: Forbes


Climate-Controlled Cellar with Built-in Wine Bar

Another wine cellar with built-in entertaining facilities, this modern, climatized cellar has a wine bar built next to it if you’d like to host your own tastings with guests (or for a solo experience).



An Eye for the Italian Flair

With a six acre, European-style estate, this Atlanta, Georgia home is a sight to behold. Most notably for JustWine is the wine cellar, which has a custom climate system to keep the temperature at 59 degrees and was built using centuries-old Italian tiles.




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