Picking out Christmas gifts is hard enough on its own, but getting a holiday wine gift can sometimes be even harder. There are way too many tacky wine gifts out there. Don’t make the mistake of getting the wine enthusiast in your life a cheap, tacky gift that they will either re-gift or throw in a drawer and never use. Gag gifts might be fine for a Secret Santa exchange or for someone you feel obligated to buy for, but not for someone you actually like. If you really want to impress the wine lover in your life this Christmas, here’s a list the best wine gifts that they’ll actually use:


Winesulator and Uncork’d Wine Set

Every wine drinker needs this to take to the beach, camping or on picnics. This insulated wine container is practical for anywhere, anytime you need to keep your wine at the optimal temperature. An entire bottle fits in the Winesulator, so you don’t need to worry about broken glass either. Try this one from Brümate.

Winesulator and uncork’d wine glasses in merlot
Image Source: Brümate


Riedel Wine Glasses

Drinking out of varietal specific glasses is a treat. The shape and design is meant to enhance specific wine varietals or blends to make the most of your wine drinking experience. If you know what style of wine the wine drinker in your life enjoys, this is a thoughtful and practical gift. Not sure what kind to get? That’s okay, too. Riedel makes gift buying easy by offering plenty of options and help along the way. There are price points and quality levels for beginners to seasoned sommeliers. Check out their website and do some serious browsing!

wine glasses. gifts for the wine lover, enthusiasts
Image Source: Riedel


A Wine Gift Set

A wine gift basket may seem typical, but spice it up a bit! Get the wine lover in your life a gift set based on their favourite wine style. Olive & Poppy creates wine gift boxes and wine accessories specially created in Wine Country and based on wine style.

Rose Lover Gift Set
Image Source: Olive & Poppy

A Wine Chiller

You don’t need anything fancy. A wine chiller doesn’t have to be electric or have bells and whistles. It just needs to be large enough for some ice, a little water, and a bottle of wine. The best way to chill wine is with salt and ice, but you need a sufficient sized bucket to do that in. Read all about How to Chill A Bottle of Champagne (or any wine) for a practical guide to chilling. You certainly can get elaborate and fancy-shmancy with a wine chiller if you want to, but we found a great wine bucket for under $20 on Amazon.

gifts for a wine enthusiast, lover, drinker
Image Source: Pixabay


A Basic Decanter

Even if the wine lover in your life already has a decanter, there is no reason not to have another one. Again, we turn to Riedel for a quality decanter. There are a variety of styles, quality levels and designs with prices ranging from $49 to $850. All you have to decide is how much they’re worth!

gifts for a wine enthusiast, lover, drinker
Image Source: Riedel


Shadow Box Wine Cork Holder

A thoughtful gift for the sentimental wine drinker. For the extra “awwww” factor, encourage the recipient to write the date and name of the person they shared the wine with on the cork then put it in the shadow box. They’ll have a showpiece of memories from their favourite shared bottles and their time with loved. Awwwww! Here’s an inexpensive Shadow Box Wine Cork Holder from Amazon.

gifts for a wine enthusiast, lover, drinker
Image Source: Amazon


Must Read Wine Books for Every Wine Enthusiast

You can never have too much wine knowledge! Whether it’s a biography on a wine industry pioneer, the history of wine or a practical guide to tasting, wine lover also love to learn about wine. We’ve compiled a list for you to take the guesswork out of your gift giving. Click right here for the top must-have books.


gifts for every wine lover, practical, wine gifts they will use
Image Source: Elizabeth-Rose Mandalou


The Oh-So Popular Wine Advent Calendar

Don’t waste any time thinking about whether or not the wine enthusiast in your life will love this gift. They will. Then they will love you for it! A wine advent calendar is better than chocolate and it will remind them of you for a full 12 or 24 days (depending on the style you get). We’ve compiled a list for you so click right here for more info!

christmas, wine advent calendar, holiday, gifts,
12 Nights of Wine by Vinebox. Image Source: getvinebox.com


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