Looking for a place in Calgary to do breakfast or brunch? Looking for some really good Eggs Benedict near me? Like Gordon Ramsay Eggs Benedict good? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

With the help of our readers and a few of our personal favourites, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best breakfast/brunch restaurants to get a delicious Eggs Bennies in YYC! With wine pairings, of course, because why would you do brunch without wine?


The Best Calgary Restaurants To Get Eggs Benedict (With Wine Pairings From Their Wine Lists)


OEB Breakfast Co. // 3 Calgary Locations

Recommended Eggs Benny:
Smoked Boar Speck with Avocado & semi-dried Tomato

Wine Pairing from the Wine List:
Las Mulas Rosé (Maule Valley, Chile)


Sure, it’s breakfast, but you’ve never seen anything like OEB breakfast. Their dishes are irreplicable and served with soul. The concept is chef-focused, their people are at the heart everything they do and the owner, Mauro Martina, would never serve you something he wouldn’t feed his kids. If that isn’t breakfast with authenticity, we don’t know what is.

Three locations in Calgary (Mission, Bridgeland and Downtown) each with a unique, neighbourhood feel. With 9 different Benny’s to choose from, including rabbit, good luck picking just one!

Calgary’s Best Eggs Benny & Wine
Image Source: Tracy-Lynne MacLellan, JustWine


Why We Love It: We love the passion they have for what they do. Plus, you can check out the wait times online and get on their wait list with the “click.”
Why We Chose The Wine: It’s called “Breakfast Wine” on their very small (2 wines) wine list. We took their word for it — it’s like fun cranberry juice!
Breakfast Served: Daily — hours vary per location.



The Bro’kin Yolk // 2 Calgary Locations

Recommended Eggs Benedict:
Veggie Benny with Basil Hollandaise

Pairing from the Wine List:
A Classic Mimosa


Conveniently located in both the deep South and the far North for suburbanites who want the feel of a downtown breakfast joint, without having to drive 40 minutes to get there! Their philosophy is “#NoMoreWaitingByTheDoor” so you can get on the waitlist by calling them and essentially they’ll text you when your table is ready. We like knowing how long the wait list will be and being able to go back to bed until they’re ready for us! All their Bennys are served on a half waffle, which is a step away from the ordinary and we approve.


Calgary’s Best Eggs Benny & Wine
Image Source: brokinyolk


Why We Love It: Fresh avocado, Broxburn tomato and spinach. These are a few of our favourite things — on a waffle!
Why We Chose The Wine: They don’t have a wine list, but we gave them a pass because the classic Mimosa is delicious and they seem to be a fan favourite at both locations.
Brunch Served: Daily — 7:30 am to 3:00 pm



Fergus & Bix Restaurant and Beer Market // 2 Calgary Locations

Recommended Eggs Bennies:
Steak Benny topped with Gorgonzola Cheese

Pairing from the Wine List:
Fox Run Vineyards Semi-Dry Riesling
(Finger Lakes, New York)


It’s a “beer market,” but make no mistake, the wine list is outstanding and so is the food. You won’t find a wine list like this in a pub anywhere in Alberta (maybe the world?) With quality comfort food, fresh fare, all-Canadian all-craft beer on tap and a wine list hand-selected by a certified sommelier, F+B is a top choice for brunch on the weekends. The hollandaise sauce is made from scratch and the dish comes with a side of very unhealthy, deep fried, delicious hash browns, balanced with fresh strawberries and grapes. You also have the option of Traditional, Smoked Salmon, Montreal Smoked Meat, and Vegetarian.

best eggs benny in Calgary
Image Source: Fergus & Bix Restaurant

Why We Love It: The hollandaise made from scratch and the fruit isn’t just a few cheap melons. Plus, with an amazing selection of wines to choose from (including the classic pairing of Champagne) we know you’ll find a favourite.
Why We Chose The Wine: The high acidity cuts through the creaminess of the house-made hollandaise. That hint of sweetness pairs perfectly with the salty blue cheese. Slightly lower alcohol (11% abv) justifies having more than one glass.
Brunch Served: Saturday, Sunday, Holidays — 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.



Big Fish // 1112 Edmonton Trail NE

Recommended Eggs Benedict:
The Blue Crab Benny

Pairing from the Wine List:
Blue Mountain Pinot Blanc
(Okanagan Valley, BC)


Being a Prairie Province means we don’t have nearly the selection of fresh fish that our coastal Canadian friends have easy access too. The trade off, of course, is our world-famous Alberta Beef. So, when you find a restaurant that specializes in fish, you have the fish. We also appreciate the extensive wine list with plenty of options for all palates and every Eggs Benny option. They’ve really outdone themselves with their list. All their Eggs Benedict are served on toasted english muffins and topped with a basil hollandaise sauce. You will also find some fresh fruit, fried potato wedges and Sidewalk Citizen toasted sourdough on your plate. Is your mouth watering yet?

best eggs benny in Calgary plus wine
Image Source: Morgan Worth


Why We Love It: Two things that are nearly impossible to find in one place — delicious blue crab for breakfast and an outstanding wine list. We love that Big Fish has both.
Why We Chose The Wine: With such a great list, it wasn’t an easy choice. Normally, we’d instantly choose Champagne (which they have), but this time we picked a BC favourite. Next to Champagne and Chablis, Pinot Blanc is the best pairing for Bennys, especially crab, and Blue Mountain is a stellar choice.
Breakfast Served: Saturday, Sunday — 10:00 am to 2:00 pm



Benny’s Breakfast Bar // 7007 11 St SE

Recommended Eggs Benedict Dish:
Surf & Turf Benny with Perogies

Pairing from the Wine List:
Lemonade Mimosa


When considering eggs benny in Calgary, you can’t ignore a restaurant named “Benny’s Breakfast Bar.” It’s literally in the name! Bring your appetite and upgrade to a side of perogies with your surf & turf benny. Immediately afterwards you’ll need a nap, but it’s worth it. There are 16 difference options for Eggs Benedict including Monte Cristo, Perogie and Surf & Turf. If you’re not that adventurous, don’t worry they have a Traditional Benny and even a 1/2 Traditional for smaller appetites.

Calgary’s best eggs benny & wine
Image Source: bennysbreakfastbar

Why We Love It: We haven’t seen perogies on a breakfast menu since the Mission Diner about 15 years ago. Thanks for bringing it back!
Why We Chose The Wine: While not technically a wine, we gave them a pass because we hadn’t thought of mixing lemonade with sparkling wine. A really refreshing choice that balances out the Benny.
Breakfast Served: Daily — 7:00 am to 3:00 pm



Brekkie Cafe // 20 Westpark Link SW #125

Recommended Eggs Benny Dish:
Grilled Chorizo and Ghost Pepper Coulis

Pairing from the Wine List:
Tenute Arnaces Organic Prosecco


It’s an eclectic place in the heart of the far West end of Calgary. It has a great neighbourhood feel with locally-sourced ingredients and imaginative menu items. It was hard choosing between the Moroccan Chicken Eggs Benedict and the Grilled Chorizo, but our love of breakfast with a kick drew us to the ghost pepper coulis. We strongly believe that any place that has Chocolate Covered Thick Cut Double Smoked Bacon is a winner!

Why We Love It: This is a truly unique place. Where have you ever seen Bennys with Maple Chilli Braised Short Rib, Wine Braised Lamb, or Moroccan Chicken? No where.
Why We Chose The Wine: The effervescence of Prosecco cuts through the rich texture of the holly sauce. Plus, ghost peppers are a wee bit spicy, so you need Bubbles as a good palate cleanser in between Benny bites.
Breakfast Served: Daily — 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Calgary’s best eggs benny & wine
Image Source: brekkieyyc



Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey // 1136 Kensington Rd NW

Recommended Eggs Benny:
Pulled Pork Benny

Pairing from the Wine List:
Basket Press Zinfandel Blend on Tap


Hayden Block is a Texas style BBQ joint that serves meat that is smoked in-house for 14 hours minimum. They offer tender, fall off the bone smoked meat with exactly the right balance of smoke and wood. Naturally, their specialty is whiskey, so the wine list isn’t long, but the selection they have pairs just right with BBQ fare. We appreciate that the brunch list is well thought out with only 5 items on it — after all, they’re not a breakfast place, so we believe in “do a few things and do them well.” If you’ve never had slow roasted pulled pork Benny style, this is the place you want for your first time. Make sure you try the house made Espresso Sauce, an obvious choice for brunch.


Calgary’s best eggs benny & wine
Image Source: haydenblockyyc


Why We Love It: Slow roasted pulled pork is delicious any time of day.
Why We Chose The Wine: You might think a bold red wine isn’t really a breakfast drink, but this pairing will change your mind. Nothing goes better with BBQ than a big, juicy Zinfandel.
Breakfast Served: Saturday, Sunday — 10:00 am to 2:00 pm



We discovered plenty of restaurants in Calgary that serve delicious Eggs Benedict, but what we didn’t find were a lot of wine lists to go with brekkie items! Doesn’t anyone drink at breakfast anymore?!


Did we miss your favorite Calgary breakfast & wine restaurant?
Let us know!