Halloween is soon approaching and we’re all super excited to sit back, pair our wine with our candy and have a totally “nutritious” dinner consisting of Riesling and Skittles. But first, we have to tackle decor for all our lovely trick-or-treaters (or Halloween party guests).

Rather than going out and spending cash on Halloween decorations, why not put your empty wine bottles to use? And if you don’t have empty wine bottles, well, here’s an excuse to pop a few open and invite the gang over for Halloween crafts and a glass of wine (or two!).

We’ve created a list of easy, do-it-yourself wine bottle Halloween crafts for adults that are bound to put you in the spooky spirit:


Things to Do With Empty Wine Bottles:
How to Make Halloween Decorations Using Wine Bottles


Spooky Halloween Wine Bottle Candles

These pitch-black halloween wine bottle candle holders will give your home complete Addams’ Family vibes.

What you’ll need: black chalk paint, paint brushes, wine bottles and some tall wax candles.

Click here for the full instructions on how to make Halloween wine bottle candles.




Scary Halloween Wine Labels

The perfect wine bottle craft for a halloween party. Switch out your regular wine bottle labels for these spooky Halloween themed labels.

What you’ll need: Wine bottles, warm water and soap to remove your label and spooky Halloween labels

This might just be the most minimal-effort craft on here.

Order spooky wine labels here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.31.31 PM



Wine Cork Skeleton

Pop open that wine bottle, but don’t throw away your cork! A cork skeleton is an easy and cool Halloween craft that will be sure to spook your trick-or-treaters.

What you’ll need: wine corks, popsicle sticks, twist-ties, paper clips, small jewelry rings.

Click here for full instructions on how to make a wine cork skeleton.

halloween skeleton cork craft-2
Image Source | Crack of Dawn Crafts



Wine Bottle Lamps

Don’t have time to carve a pumpkin? No problem, these pumpkin-themed Halloween wine bottle lamps will set the spooky mood.

What you’ll need: empty wine bottles, string/fairy (Christmas) lights, sheer fabric, hot glue gun, fake spiders (optional)

Check out the full step-by-step on how to make wine bottle lamps here.

Upcycled Wine bottles
Image Source | Google



Wine Cork Pumpkins

These super easy DIY mini wine cork pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decor for little spaces or little hands! The perfect Halloween crafts for kids and wine-loving parents!

What you’ll need: wine corks (lots of wine corks!), a hot glue gun, paint, twine, green tissue paper.

Click here to learn how to make wine cork pumpkins!

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 4.07.03 PM



Wine Cork Halloween Characters

Who knew Count Dracula, Zombies and Frankenstein could be so adorable? These miniature wine cork Halloween characters are all fun and no scare.

What you’ll need: wine corks, paint, newspaper, pipe cleaners, etc.

Learn how to make these adorable Halloween costumes for your wine corks here.

Image Source | mollymoo



Did you try any of these spooky Halloween crafts? We want to see!

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