Wine is intrinsically linked to culture. We often think of the food and wine experience in countries around the world as “part of the culture,” but wine permeates many other areas of our lives beyond food. Art, music and fashion are just a few other parts of society that goes hand in hand with wine culture. After all, if you can have great taste in fashion and also great taste in wine, why not put the two together for a perfect pairing?


‘Pinot Please’ Sweater & Pinot Noir

We are in love with Brunette the Label in Vancouver, BC. Especially when they’ve got one of our favourite Fall grape varieties, Pinot Noir, front and centre on a casual, comfy sweater. Pinot Noir is the best sipping wine for lazy Autumn days at home in your Pinot sweater.

Autumn in Canada Pinot Noir Pick

TH Wines 2016 Pinot Noir
Okanagan Valley, BC

fall 2018 sweaters and wine pairings
Pinot Please Sweater from BRUNETTE the Label


Syrah Wine & This NASA Sweater

Give a cheers to NASA, celebrating their 60th Birthday this year, in this handmade sweater from Granted Sweater Co. Each sweater is knit by hand and can take nearly 25 hours to make. Uniquely Canadian with a showroom in Richmond, British Columbia. A big sweater like this need a big wine and we recommend a juicy, smoky Syrah (aka Shiraz) from the Okanagan Valley.

The Perfect Fall Syrah

Painted Rock Estate Winery 2015 Syrah
Okanagan Valley, BC

fall 2018 sweaters paired with wines
NASA Sweater from Granted Sweater Co.


Chardonnay & A Camel Sweater Coat

A stylish sweater from MODOVA out of Poland doubles as a long, light coat on breezy Fall days. We recommend a cool climate Chardonnay with a hint of oak for a little more texture and weight.

A Cozy Chardonnay Wine

François Mikulski 2015 Meursault Genevrières
Burgundy, France

fall 2018 sweaters paired with wines
Camel Sweater Coat from MODOVA


Merlot Wine & The Cherry On Top Sweater

#SlayAllDay in this eye-catching sweater from Atlanta company My Closet Slays. It’s not quite Cabernet Sauvignon season, but we do love a Merlot that’s big enough to take on cooler weather. Look for a Merlot with flavours of liquorice, raspberry, cocoa and cherry cola for a decadent wine experience.

This Merlot is the Cherry on Top!

Ehlers Estate 2015 Merlot
Napa Valley, California

fall 2018 sweaters paired with wines
Cherry On Top Sweater from MyClosetSlays


Pinot Gris Wine & A Heather Gray Sweater

Why go to a store when your boutique can come to you? That’s why we love Souther California’s Dahlia Traveling Boutique. Brighten up your Fall wardrobe with this heather grey sweater available in the Fall 2018 collection and why not grab a glass of Pinot Gris while you’re shopping? Pinot Gris isn’t always the light style Pinot Grigio your Grandmother drinks at Thanksgiving. Sometimes it’s rich an decadent like the Pinot Gris of Alsace, France or has big, ripe fruit flavours like the wines of California.

Grab this Glass of Pinot Gris

Etude 2017 Pinot Gris
Carneros, California

best fall 2018 sweaters paired with wines
Heather Gray Sweater with Scalloped Edges from Dahlia Traveling Boutique

Just Wine Tip:

Pinot Gris is named after the colour of the grape skins
Gris = Grey



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