Are you feeling adventures and trying to think of ways to change your classic glass of wine to something a little more… interesting? These are also great ways to amp up cheap and flavourless wines you got as a gift. Here are five wine combinations that promise to change up your regular wine order.


5 Ways to Add Flavour to Cheap Wine
Easy Wine Cocktails Recipes


Wine and Coke (Kalimotxo or Calimocho)

A Kalimotxo recipe consists of half red wine and half Coca Cola, served over ice. The red wine and cola combo is actually a popular cocktail in Spain and has been around since the 1970s. You can use any type of red wine you like, just make sure it’s cheap! Picturing someone mix coke with an expensive bottle of wine is breaking our wine-loving hearts.



Wine and Soda Water (White Wine Spritzer)

A white wine spritzer is a classic, yet easy, summertime cocktail. The key to a great spritzer is to ensure your white wine and your soda water are extremely cold. This makes the cocktail more refreshing and opens up the aromatics of your wine. While you can switch up the ratio to fit your taste, spritzers are often made with a with 1 part soda water for every 3 parts of wine. If you’re looking for some extra flavour, add a lemon or lime wedge.



Wine and Brandy (Easy Sangria)

Mixing your favourite brandy with wine, and topping it off with fresh fruit of your choice results in the easiest sangria recipe ever. The best part? You can use any red wine, white wine, champagne, or even a rose wine! Click here for more sangria recipes.



Wine and Lemonade (Lemonade Spritzer)

Adding lemonade to your wine is another great way to transform a cheap bottle of red wine into an amazing, refreshing cocktail. Simply add 1 part white wine (usually Moscato is used in this recipe) and 1 part lemonade. Feeling like a little fizz? Add a splash of soda water to your glass. You can also try adding strawberries to make this a strawberry lemonade spritzer!



Frozen Wine (Wine Slushies)

Do you have a cheap bottle of wine and aren’t sure what to do with it? Freeze it in an ice cube tray and blend it up! Add your favourite fruity flavours to make the ultimate wine slushy! The great thing about a wine slushy is that you can use red wine, white wine, rose, and even champagne! Yes, champagne does freeze!



Add Fruit to Wine

If you love the taste of the wine you’re sipping on and way to add some flavour without completely changing the wine, simply add fruit! Adding chunks of fresh pineapple to a variety of whites, rosés, or sparkling wines adds a hint of sweetness and loads of tropical notes. Melon balls and mint can add sweet and refreshing notes to light wines. Another great fruit to add to any wine is pomegranate. The flavour of the pomegranate seeds will add a fruit punch to your glass.



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