We all have a friend who loves wine just as much as we do. Or perhaps even more. If you and your bestie are the “wine moms” of your friend circle and you’re both getting a little tired of your weekly routine of sitting in front of the TV watching reality TV with a bottle of red, try switching it up a bit! Try out one of these fun wine activities that you need to try with your wine-loving best friend.


5 Things Every Wine Lover Needs To Do With Their BFF


Attend a “Paint & Sip” Night

If you’re looking for a relaxing and wine-filled activity, attend a wine and paint night at your local wine studio. This hilarious bonding experience will definitely help you unleash your creativity and multi-tasking skills. Because the more you drink, the worse your paintings get.

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Visit a Winery Together

Obviously, the ultimate wine lover experience is getting wasted at a winery. Being wine drunk is fun anywhere, but it is a whole different experience to be liquored up with your best friend in a vineyard.


Attend a Wine Yoga Class

…or just a wine workout altogether! Wine-xersizing (a term we just made up right now) is the best way to satisfy your wine cravings while staying active. The perfect bonding experience for you, your BFF and your wine. Of course, the more glasses you drink, the harder it is to hold your poses.


Grab a few bottles of wine and have a wine craft night


What’s better than some wine crafts? You’ll need quite a few empty bottles of wine, so it’s better to have your BFFs as drinking buddies to help get the job done!


Attend a local wine tasting or wine event

Every true wine lover needs to experience a wine tasting. But experiencing it with your best friend is the greatest way to do it.

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