If you’ve made it this far in Dry January, I’m proud of you. Now, allow me to tempt you away from the dry side.

Maybe you’ve indulged too much over the holiday season and need a liquor cleanse. Or maybe you’re on a budget since Christmas. Maybe you just like to punish yourself because… well, January is long, y’all. I swear this month has gone on for 462 days and counting.


Whatever your reason for starting Dry January (I’m not judging you. Ok, maybe a bit), here’s all the reasons you need to stop this madness immediately.


5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Doing Dry January


January is a stressful month, why make it more stressful by abstaining from drinking alcohol?

January is a tough month. You have holiday bills to pay, you have to go back to work, you have nothing fun to look forward to until Valentine’s Day (or if you’re single, maybe St. Patrick’s day?). For your safety, and all those around you, maybe you should skip out on Dry January and just have a glass of wine.

I need a drink just to listen to why you're not drinking this January.


Whoever said Dry January helps you consume less alcohol, lied. Being overly strict leads to overindulgence.

You’re much more likely to overindulge when you restrict yourself for too long. Remember that last diet? Remember emotionally eating 8 glazed donuts in a row because you successfully finished boot camp without crying or vomiting?

I mean, you don’t want February, the month of love and romance (eye roll) to be the month where you drunk text your ex… every night. Do yourself a favour and start drinking now.



The gym called, they said they’re full. Nobody fulfills their New Years Resolutions anyway.

Save your New Year’s resolutions for a month or two. You know as well as I do the gyms are crowded AF right now with the “new year, new you” crowd. Go in February or March. The crowds will have thinned and the next round of membership promos will have started.

In the meanwhile, curl up by the fire with the new Ted Bundy Documentary, and a cup of hot chocolate and red wine. You can thank me later.



Wine is good for you. Don’t miss out on the health benefits by participating in Dry January.

Red wine may boost heart health, protect against some cancers, and prevent some vision loss. It’s full of Resveratrol, which is the fancy-dancy ingredient in many high-end skin care lines. So basically, red wine makes you healthy AND look younger*. Why are you still fighting this?

And yes, you can get resveratrol supplements, but why on earth would you do that when you can just have a glass of wine?



Are you really saving money during Dry January?

Are you really saving any money? I mean, if you’re planning to replace your wine with freshly juiced beets and radishes, I feel like the real savings would be in a decent bottle of Moscato. Produce is expensive in January. And what’s a decent juicer run these days? $500? $5000? Seriously, I don’t know. Can you tell me how much a good juicer is?



So we’ve determined drinking wine helps your stress levels, is healthy for you, saves you time, and money. What are you waiting for? It’s better to hop off this “Dry January” wagon with a smile and a skip in your step.

*Writer is not a medical professional, just a terrible, terrible enabler. Any health claims made by the writer should not be taken as fact. Truthfully, she’s a little crazy sometimes.’


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