(Guest Post Submission by Andrew Russell)

If you are feeling stressed after a hectic day and you want to pour yourself a glass of wine, but you are unsure if it’s really good for you or not– you don’t have to worry. Here are some benefits of drinking red wine.

It has been proven that drinking wine in moderation can provide health benefits. You must check out these five benefits which we are going to discuss. Let’s start:


Wine lowers your cholesterol

Red wine is made from grapes which directly affect our cholesterol levels. Red wine aids in lowering cholesterol. High cholesterol levels cause many other health issues like high blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks.


Wine is good for the heart

When wine is good for bad cholesterol, then there are some antioxidants present in it, which helps in keeping our blood vessels elastic and decrees the risk of excess clotting. Make sure that you take wine in a moderate amount; otherwise, it may prove bad for your heart.


Wine aids in controlling blood sugar

The skin of the grapes is a good source of wine’s compound resveratrol. It can be beneficial for a diabetic patient because it helps regulates your level of blood sugar.

Resveratrol is also helpful for controlling the insulin secretion or activate protein which helps regulate glucose as well as insulin.


Wine can help kick a bad cold

Are you someone who gets sick often? If so, then the wine may be a solution for you. In red wine, you will find some antioxidants which help in keeping healthy. If a person takes wine in a moderate amount on a regular basis, then their risk of facing cold could potentially be less than that person who doesn’t take wine. Antioxidants are good in fighting with the infection and protect our cells against the free radicals, which may also cause some dangerous diseases as like cancer.

Wine has many health benefits if taken in moderation. If you’d like to make a purchase for wine, check out Sokolin!