Ancient vs. Modern Wine Drinking

The Ancient Romans were big wine drinkers, but it’s very likely their tastes differed from modern day wine drinkers. Part of this was due to the way wine was fermented and the types of vessels in which wine was carried and stored. Obviously, they did not have the advances in technological that we have today in the modern world.

Here are 3 Wines You Might Expect to Try at an Ancient Roman Wine Tasting


Ancient Roman Wine #1: Sea Water Wine

This wine was an imitation of the famous Hellenic wine made on the Greek Island of Kos. The salt in the water not only made it incredibly salty to the taste, but also cut back the wine’s acidity. Maybe Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s former Chief Technology Officer took the idea of adding salt to wine from the Romans.

Ancient Roman Wine #2: Sugar & Spice Wine

In all honesty this wine is not too different from the mulled wine many of us drink around Christmas, but rumour has it that it was INTENSELY sweet. Think mouth-puckering, tooth decaying sweet. They usual added ingredients to this wine were cinnamon, sugar and honey.

Ancient Roman Wine #3: Cheese Wine

No, you did not read this wrong. According to Wine Historian Bernadetta Bessi, Romans put cheese in their wine. And not just light cheeses, but hard cheeses like Pecorino. There were two reasons for this. First, the cheese helped preserve the wine. Second, again drawing some inspiration from the Greeks, it was widely believed that cheese wine had an invigorating affect on warriors. Hey, if Homer said it, I believe it.

  1. Roman Cheese Wine for Warriors


So, which of these fine traditional wines will you be serving at your next modern wine tasting?


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