Ditch that old cell phone wallpaper in favour of wine!

Sometimes you get bored of those same old background images of planets in outer space and spilled paint, sometimes you remember not everyone thinks your cat is as cute as you do, and sometimes you just really want a juicy glass of wine (to pair with your Netflix binge). We’re here to help you solve all three problems!

Look no further; we have a wallpaper that screams WINE and helps you focus on what’s really important in life…


Wine Backgrounds for iPhone & Androids



Wallpaper Tip: How to save an image or photo to your phone

To make any one of these images a wallpaper on your phone, tap and long-hold on the image and wait until the options tray pops up, then “Save Image.” Now that you’ve saved the image to your phone, you can follow the standard process to change your wallpaper. If you don’t know how, we’ve included tips at the bottom of this post


Wine-Themed Photo Wallpapers




How to change your iPhone wallpaper to one of these great wine Images



How to update your Android to a wine background



Note: These wine Wallpapers are HD and will scale to fit all phone sizes

This includes a Apple mobile phones like: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, X, iPhone 8…(you get the idea – all of them); and all Androids smartphones including: Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel 2, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, OnePlus, Google Pixel XL, Moto Z2 Force, Essential Phone, and HTC U11


Browse more wine images for your phone’s screensaver

Check out this site loaded with free wine images and photos – which also happen to be perfect for phone background images