It’s perfectly okay to wear your love for wine. To give you a hand letting everyone know, here are the best wine quote shirts that every wine lover needs in their closet! We’re sure you can relate to at least one of them, but more likely all of them. You are a wine enthusiast, after all. Wine quotes are life.


15 Funny Wine Quote Shirts You Didn’t Know You Needed


May Contain Wine” Shirt from Nordstrom

May Contain Wine Shirt Nordstrom


Cries Over Spilled Wine” Shirt from Kitties and Cabernet



But First, Wine!” Tank Top from Vow and Vibe

But First Wine Tank Top


I’m here to drink all the wine” shirt from Rocket Blue

I am here to drink all the wine shirt


Rosé is Bae” T-Shirt from Clink & Co.

Rosé is Bae T-Shirt


“Champagne in my Veins” Wine T-Shirt from Clink & Company


Brosé Most of the Day” Men’s Wine T-Shirt from The Roof at Ponce City

Brosé Most of the Day Wine Shirt


The Wine Is Making Me Awesome” Sweatshirt from Brunette the Label

The Wine Is Making Me Awesome Sweatshirt


Drinks Well With Others” Tank from DashingPearl

drinks well with others tank


I Drink Wine Because Punching People Is Frowned Upon” T-Shirt from Phoebe’s Design

i drink wine because punching



My Role At Family Functions is to Look the Best and to Drink the Wine” T-Shirt from Nalla Shop

My Role at Family Functions Shirt


I’m Not Self Medicating Myself With Wine. The Guy at the Liquor Store Wrote Me a Prescription. Well, He Called it a Receipt…. Whatever.” T-Shirt from Darcy Fairfax

i'm not self medicating with wine


IPOP Champagne” T-Shirt from Maison Noir Wines

IPOP Champagne Shirt


Espresso then Prosecco

espresso then prosecco shirt








You can’t buy happiness… but you can buy Prosecco. That’s kind of the same thing.” Shirt by BonnyTees

you can't buy happiness but you can buy wine

We hope you enjoyed these hilarious wine t-shirts Remember, wine doesn’t always have to be serious so we’ve put together more fun Wine Whimsy right here, just for you: