When it comes to alcohol, everyone has their preference and while we respect everyone’s preference and would never want to criticize any alternatives– we value honesty here at JustWine and well, the honest truth is: Wine is the superior alcoholic beverage. (Sorry beer.)

While other alcoholic beverages are nice, they don’t quite have the class and elegance that wine has. Don’t believe us? Well, lucky for you, us wine drinkers are so giving– we’ve compiled a list of reasons wine is better than beer.

*Please note that is a friendly and satirical rivalry. We love both drinks! Check out JustBeer’s article here.


Wine is good for you.

Okay, maybe it’s not like– “eating your veggies and-going-to-the-gym” good for you. BUT! Wine contains resveratrol which aids in reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease AND it’s pretty much a fermented grape smoothie. Hey JustBeer, what does beer contain? Oh right, a bunch of carbs you don’t need. Hello keto diet.

Wine tastes better with age.

Wine gets better with age, just like Meryl Streep and Idris Elba. (They’re probably wine drinkers.) While you can cellar beer, the average cellaring time of beer is 2-10 years. Ever drank a 30 year old beer? You don’t want to.

Why does wine taste better with age?

A quick little JustWine University lesson for you: Wine tastes better with age because it contains tanins! Tanins are a chemical found in grapes that are used to make wines. When the grapes are young, they give off a bitter taste, but get sweeter as they age.

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Wine doesn’t bloat you.

The ‘B’ in BEER, stands for “bloating.” Drinking wine is easier on your stomach than beer is. Since alcohol causes inflammation in the gastrointestinal lining of your gut, it’s common you’ll experience some bloating after a night of drinking. However, this is less common with wine because the process of making wine involves distilling the fluid– which makes you less likely to wake up feeling pregnant with gas and air. Ever heard of ‘wine belly’? I think not!

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Hello, wine tastings?!

‘Nuff said.

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Wine smells better than beer.

Wine can take on so many different aromas. It can be sweet and berry-like or citrusy or earthy– all depending on the (many) grape varieties. But there’s one scent all wines contain and that’s the scent of pure joy and happiness. There’s a reason no one smells beer before they drink it: Beer smells like regret; the regret that you didn’t get wine.

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Wine is fancy and classy.

Wine has fancy names like “Pinot Grigio”,Albariño” and “Sauvignon Blanc” and just has you all around feeling like a royalty. Can you imagine the Queen of England drinking a beer with her dinner? Yeah, probably not.

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Wine is perfect for celebrations.

And not frat house, college celebrations. Remember how we said wine is classy? There’s a reason we toast with Champagne on New Years. Beer drinkers can continue on with their keg stands and beer pong, while us wine lovers sip our champagne like the elites we are.


You can make so many wine cocktails.

Like, so many.

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Finding a good, cheap wine is easy.

Good, cheap wine is easy to come by. Cheap wine is actually a preference of many wine drinkers– because wine is just naturally good. Cheap beer on the other hand…

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Wine is higher in alcohol than beer.

Get lit with less. Do with this information what you will.

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Wine drunk is the best type of drunk.

You cannot argue this. Don’t believe us? Check out the 5 stages of being wine drunk.