Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Why not get a wine tattoo? You love wine. You love tattoos, why not show the world what a devoted wine and tattoo lover you truly are?

If you’re looking for some tattoo inspo, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most awesome wine tattoos that are perfect for the edgy wine lover.


10 Awesome Wine Tattoos Perfect for the Wine Obsessed


American Traditional Hand & Wine Tattoo

American traditional and Neotraditional tattoos are a class unto themselves. Easily identifiable by their bold line work, simple colour palette and quite often, humorous subject matter.

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo credit: @daniqueipo


Neotraditional Wine & Grapes Tattoo

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo credit: @attackofthe50footwoman


Rose all day

See what we did there?

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo Credit: @zihee_tattoo


Picasso Inspired Wine Glass Tattoo

For those who love art and wine– this is the best of both surrealities.

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo credit: @daisydoestattoos


Modern Rose in Wine Glass Tattoo

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo credit: @mydeertattoo


Kawaii Wine and Pizza Tattoo

The only thing better than wine and pizza is Kawaii wine and pizza!

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo Credit: @keelyglitters


EKG Line Wine Tattoo

When Wine is Life

We feel you girl.

tattoos for wine lovers

Photo Credit: @saitamauaetattoo


For the Crazy Wine Lover

Remember when we were kids and used to say “if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”


tattoos for wine lovers

Tattoo by Alexander Mikhailin on Daniel Sobolevskiy of Brooklyn, N.Y.


Temporary Wine Tattoos for the Less Committed


Okay… so, maybe you’re not into the whole needle thing, or maybe you love wine, but not quite enough to get a permanent tattoo of it, so why not try out about these adorable temporary tattoos from Oh My Tat? Guaranteed not to be the cause of you getting fired.*

tattoos for wine lovers


Bachelorette Party Temporary Wine Tattoos

Or try out these super clever bachelorette tattoos from KristenMcGillivray. Look at your friends looking out for you!

tattoos for wine lovers


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Whatever tattoo you pick to express your winey, viney heart, just remember that alcohol and tattoos don’t mix.


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*JustWine makes no guarantees on the status of your employment, that your boss won’t mind temporary knuckle tats, or that they’ve forgotten how much wine you drank at the Christmas party.