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Just Wine is designed exclusively for wine enthusiasts like you and it’s loaded with great features to improve your wine experience:

  • Quickly search, rate and share thousands of wines from your phone or desktop
  • Keep track of what’s in your wine cellar with pictures and detailed descriptions
  • Record every wine experience with an easy-to-use quick entry system
  • Discover new wines from around the world
  • Learn more about wine tasting and food pairing
  • Find local wine events

Learn how to Appreciate Wine

If you’re new to wine, we can help you understand the sometimes complicated world of fermented grape juice. From varietals (grapes) to acidity (that mouth watering sensation) to wine that smells like mouldy cardboard (your wine is off, don’t drink it) — Just Wine will teach you the basics so you’ll look and feel like an expert!

If you’re already a wine expert, Just Wine is an essential tool for keeping your tasting notes and catalogues. Share your expert reviews with other Just Wine lovers, and if you blog — let us share it! With hundreds of new users downloading the app every day, your wine-ology expertise will go viral like Botrytis!

Find Local Wine Events

This one is pretty self explanatory...find local wine events! Find out what’s going on in your city and try something new — wine tastings are always a great night out with friends and family. And if you’re an on-the-go traveling wine lover, check out the wine events in your destination city and discover a whole new world of wine! Easily add the event to your smartphone’s calendar and share it with your friends so they can join you too!

Just Wine for Businesses & Sommeliers

More than 10,000 wine enthusiasts visit Just Wine each month, with hundreds of new downloads every day; making us the world’s fastest-growing wine resource. Just Wine offers a wide range of marketing opportunities, advertising and content solutions to meet your business needs.

What can Just Wine do for you?

  • Reach a targeted audience that wants to know about you and your wines
  • Increase subscribers to your loyalty program and/or wine club
  • Promote your wine events on 3 different platforms (online, mobile, and email)
  • Feature your Blog
  • Tell local consumers which wines you stock in-store
  • Increase brand awareness with your own dedicated microsite and search results badging

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Just Wine for Producers

You’re the wine maker, we’re the tech people. When you partner with Just Wine, we worry about the code and algorithms, so you can get back to making great wine!

  • Feature your wines and reach tens of thousands of wine enthusiasts 24/7/365
  • Bump up your SEO with a Just Wine business listing and be one of the first producers to show up when people are researching wines online
  • Tell the world about your exclusive wine club or loyalty program and gain more followers and subscribers
  • Let Just Wine be your app! Upload your entire collection, complete with tasting notes and special features and let us do the mobile work for you
  • Build on your own web presence and website with a targeted business listing, reaching users that are specifically looking for your wine or wanting to discover something new

Just Wine for Events & Sommeliers

Stand out from the crowd when you stage your tasting table with Just Wine marketing material — guests will remember you and your wines when they scan them into their phones!

  • Promote your wine events in Just Wine and reach tens of thousands of wine enthusiasts looking to expand their palates
  • Increase attendance at your wine events and educational classes when you advertise on Just Wine
  • Create a lasting impression at your next wine event with Just Wine’s custom designed and interactive tasting sheets
  • Reduce your printing costs at your next large-scale event by using the only mobile platform that offers you custom designed marketing materials that interact with your guests
  • Share your expertise and gain new followers when you blog with Just Wine

Just Wine for Retailers

Wine retailers face many battles in the wine war — from competition to uninformed customers, it’s hard to do it all. Let Just Wine work as your online retail shop, helping to promote your shops collections, events, sales, and specials!

  • Promote your stores business listing to a targeted audience on Just Wine, with location maps, business hours, and links to your website
  • Increase subscriptions to your loyalty programs and wine clubs when you promote them on your Just Wine microsite
  • Access detailed analytics on consumer habits and engagements to tailor your company’s marketing plan
  • Find out what people are saying about your store and your stock selections and get instant feedback to reviews and ratings
  • Find out what wines are popular today and what wines to look for tomorrow — be the first in your area to carry the new up-and-coming wine
  • Feature your weekly or monthly sales and specials

Loaded with features for consumers and business — Just Wine connects people to their passion, cultivates a culture of sharing and education, and fosters relationships between the wine producers, consumers, and experts.

Just Wine is loaded with features for consumers and businesses

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